Nerve Conduction Studies

What is Nerve Conduction Studies?

A nerve conduction study measures the speed of an electrical impules moving through the nerve. The study can help determine any sort of nerve damage. Electrode patches are attached to the skin where a nerve is to be tested. One electrode sends an electrical impulse while another records the activity.
A related procedure, called Electromyography (EMG), is often done in conjunction with an NCS.An EMG measures the electrical activity in the muscles. [Link to EMG page]
The combination of NCS and EMG procedures helps determine whether there is nerve disorder or muscle disorder. NCS determines problems with ther nerve, while an EMG detects proper muscle function in response to stimulus performed on the nerve.

We perform NCS procedures on an outpatient basis. With both EMG and NCS procedures, you will be able to return to your usual activities, unless advised otherwise. Every patient's situation is unique; though we will provide you with the right care and advisement.

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