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Unfortunately, we do not treat for hydrocephalus in our office. It can be treated by a neurosurgeon.
Before scheduling, a patient must fail 3-6 months (depending on insurance) of physical therapy and pain management. We prefer an MRI before your appointment. If only testing is requested, we can perform testing. Our physicians do not treat for pain, but they can perform test to get the patient to paint management or a surgeon.

  Yes, we offer Botox treatments. In order to administer Botox treatments, we will need the following:

  • Make a consult appointment with our physician
  • Know what medications you have tried and failed for what you need Botox for
  • Be informed if you've had any recent blood work

After the above is established, we will get a Prior Authorization started and give you a call with appointment information.

We offer the following Botox treatments;

  • Cervical Dystonia
  • Migraines/Headaches
  • Spasticity (Upper and Lower Limb)
  • Torticollis
  • Blephoraspasm
  • TMJ
  • Facial Spasms

Unfortunately, we do not treat for multiple sclerosis. The UNM MS Clinic offers treatment. Note, a referral from a physician is needed to visit the clinic.

Yes we perform EMG. We will need to know if you'd like just an EMG procedure, or an EMG and a consult in our office. Note, we do NOT perform EMG  on all four extremities in one visist.

We do not treat Chiari malformation. This condition  requires specialty care from a neuromuscular clinic which can be found at UNM.

Payment & Insurance

Please contact your insurance to make sure we are in network with your plan.

Yes, the adjustor needs to contact our office administrator to get information on scheduling.

Yes, but you MUST have a Medicaid Certified referring physician.

Unfortunately, we do not accept Care Credit as a source of payment.

We are not in network with the following Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans;

  • Basic
  • Premier
  • Choice Plus

No. We will also NOT bill a third-party insurance. We ONLY accept our Letter of Protection signed by you and your attorney before we can schedule an appointment.

Yes, as long as payments are made every month.

We accept checks, money orders, any major credit cards (including Health Saving Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts), and Cash (in-office ONLY).

Unfortunately we do not offer any type of discounts.

In Office

We are located at 4273 Montgomery NE, Ste 110 Albuquerque, NM 87120. Sometimes GPS will misguide people to our office. Visit our Contact page to get directions to our office.

Yes, we have a physician who will see patients for a second opinion?

We will not email you any medical records or receipts. However, you can logon to our Patient Portal to view medical records. If you do not have a login, contact us and we will assist you on accessing the portal.

We are not allowed to give any information over the phone. If the physician deems it necessary, he will call you and provide you with information. Furthermore, we cannot confirm your identity over the phone.

Unfortunately, not. Once you are established with one of our physicians, you cannot be seen by another one in our office.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to call out on all of the referrals that are processed in our office.

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